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Welcome to the Books by Melissa website. I hope you find it easy to see and use. Please send a comment if there are any issues so that they can be taken care of quickly. Enjoy the site and books as they come available. Melissa lives and writes in Southern Maine. Melissa has lived in Maine her entire life though not always in the South. Growing up in a small town in Western Maine was wonderful on so many levels. The close friendships made last throughout a lifetime and keeping up on the local front is usually quite easy. Melissa still has family and friends in her home town. Melissa has worked in many different venues, from Banking & Accounting, to Dispatching & Customer Service. But writing was always the dream within. Melissa has been writing for years, mostly in note books and on scraps of paper. The decision to put them into the computer and publish them was a difficult one. There is always a chance for rejection. Melissa often includes quips from her past or bits of her family and friends within her characters. Melissa looks forward to a long writing career and the hope that many enjoy her stories. Thank you for visiting; we hope to see you again soon! Check back later for new updates to the website. There's much more to come!

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